4 things you need to know before renting in Malta

Whenever you move to a different country, there are many questions you need to answer before you shift your entire life to a new location. Lodging is one of the primary aspects you’ll need to figure out before you make the big move. If you’re moving to Malta, for work or for a new lease on life, there are a few factors you should know and understand before you pack your bags and jump on that flight. 

Here’s a comprehensive list for all expats to follow when voyaging towards this little island of sunshine, beaches and a thriving economy. 

What type of property should I rent?

Choosing your rental property might take time, especially when realtors bounce you around from one listing to another; sometimes unaware of the exact specs of the property. 

With Vassallo Group Realty, you can tuck that worry at the far back of your mind, we know the details for each and every one of our properties as if they were our own. That’s because every listing in the Vassallo Group Realty property offering is owned, managed, finished and maintained by the expert agents within our team. 

Our versatility diversifies from seafront apartments to rural farmhouses, modern finished houses and traditional gems. We also offer rental of commercial property. Our long term rental possibilities allow us to offer reasonable prices in this competitive market, giving our tenants the best bang for their buck. 


We’ve really got something for everyone – one bedroom city studio? No problem. Furnished villa? Why not! 

How does rental work in Malta?

Much like in other countries, rental opportunities come with certain responsibilities that need to be tended to by the tennant; monthly rent, utilities such as electricity, water and gas as well as TV services, WiFi bills and other amenities you might require in your home. 

Vassallo Group Realty make great landlords though, we’re happy to guide you into making the right choices, based on your budget, requirements and preferences – and of course since all property in our selection is dearly close to our hearts, we take pride in keeping it spick and span with all the necessary maintenace handled by our experienced team!

Our contracts can be easily explained to all our tenants, to ensure that our agreement is entered freely and willingly. 


Which localities are the best for rental?

Our properties are scattered across the island and even reach our sister island of Gozo. All you need to do is let us know the specs of your new rental home and we’ll find it in a flash! 

Choosing your rental’s location in Malta is not too difficult, but there are so many viable options on this tiny rock, it all depends on what you’re looking for! Or maybe you’re choosing your next property based on your job logistics?

Offices in Malta are pretty much as scattered as our properties; different industries do seem to cluster in areas, the iGaming industry thrives in the Ta’ Xbiex area, while a number of big corporate factories lean towards the south of Malta. 

And even if you do not want to live right within the city you work in everyday, neighbouring villages could be the perfect solution, think of a central spot in Birkirkara or a southern isolation in Marsascala. We’re happy to show you around if you can’t decide just yet! 

What about all the fees? 

At Vassallo Group Realty, all properties listed with us are company owned, therefore all real estate finders fees are immediately knocked off your budgeting breakdown lists. Since all our properties are managed and operated through in-house executives, our experts invest their time in providing the most enjoyable experience of our properties. 

Once you find the available rental home of your dreams, you will be able to move in almost immediately. Estate agent fees are immediately waived but standards deposits and monthly payments apply and are set according to your agreement with the realtors who guide you around our properties. Money matters with Vassallo Group Realty are handled efficiently throughout your stay in the property. 

Our portfolio of properties is as varied as you may hope, guaranteeing you will find the rental property to call your own, within budget, with minimal running around and most importantly with the support and advice any expat would require when setting up home on the sunny shores of Malta. 

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