4 top reasons to rent with Vassallo Group Realty

The rental market in Malta is booming, there are so many great locations to set up shop or start a family, so many types of commercial and residential properties to choose from and so many real estate agencies to turn to! Where to start? It all seems too time consuming, too stressful and too difficult… but… with Vassallo Group Realty, you can leave your worries at the door; we’ll invite you in, to an office, shop, apartment or even a villa that will have you wonder what made you wait so long to rent your own property!


Experience is priceless

If this all sounds too good to be true, if we seem overly excited about rental opportunity at Vassallo Group Realty, it’s because we really are! We have been in the real estate, construction, joinery and landscaping industry since 1946; and have been one of Malta’s leading industry providers for years – that takes passion and commitment. 

It also means we know a thing or two about what smaller businesses are looking for in commercial property, what large businesses require for further success and what everyone expects in a home for themselves and their families. Our experience is priceless. 


We are the owners

Our understanding of the real estate and construction markets allows us to make educated decisions in purchasing property. We’ve  curated a collection of luxury properties available for rent at reasonable prices. All our properties come expertly finished, a great portion of them furnished and the entire collection most definitely elevated to the highest standards. 

We know each property like the back of our hands, giving us the upper hand in guiding you towards your ideal rental space. We’ve taken every detail into account and always maintain our properties the best we can; giving you a direct from owner approach. We are the owners


Commission is waived

Since we own all our properties, not only do we go the extra mile to rent out the right property to the right tenant, we do it all at 0% commission. Our reward in renting our properties is a direct point of sale, face-to-face with complete transparency. 

Our personal projects in real estate are to provide excellent standards in commercial and residential properties across the Maltese islands. Renting from Vassallo Group Realty includes all the top standards in customer service and rental opportunity, at no additional costs. Commission is waived. 


Luxury is our standard

With our experience in construction, design and architecture, our focus on detail is always what sets us apart from the rest. All our properties feature an additional perk, whether it’s a stunning view, prime location or fantastic architectural qualities – our properties are all top grade! 

Whenever we purchase new properties, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that every corner is finished to perfection, maintained regularly and in tune with modern commodities. Beating our standards is what keeps us passionate about every property project we take on. Luxury is our standard. 

Ultimately the most important thing to remember is that with Vassallo Group Realty, you can rest assured that your commercial and residential goals will always be met and hopefully through our luxury properties and devoted customer service, exceeded. 


Get in touch with a Vassallo Group Realty expert to learn more about direct from owner rental opportunities at 0% commission. 

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Mosta Apartment
Block C No 2, Old Mill Street, Mosta
Apartment, Residential Not Available €1,650
Office space in Sliema
Gaiety Lane c/w High Street
Commercial, Office Not Available €300 per square meter per annum
Office space in Sliema
Gaiety Lane c/w High Street
Commercial, Office Available, For Rent €300 per square meter per annum
Office space in Sliema
Gaiety Lane c/w High Street
Commercial, Office Available, For Rent €300 per square meter per annum
Bugibba Apartment
Dawret il-Gzejjer
Apartment, Residential Not Available €1400/month

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  • €1,600/Yr

Sliema Apartment

  • €2,300/Mo

Tal Ghar San Martin

  • Price on Request

Tigne Penthouse

  • €8,500/Mo

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