5 ways to make your rental feel like home

Moving into a new space is always a great feeling – there’s so much to explore and lay out, whether you’re trying to squeeze your old furniture into a new space or hunting down some stylish pieces to furnish your new rental home. But what if redesigning your rental does not call for furniture shifts this time? 

Finding ways to incorporate a little bit of your own personal style and flair into your living space does not require structural alterations, a remodelled kitchen or even a complete change in the furniture around you, all you need to feel comfortable in your new rental space is a spot of creativity, time and a can-do attitude. 


Most of the time, design elements that give your home that sense of style are achieved with colour schemes, textile additions, foliage and possibly even a couple of art pieces. While most landlords frown on severe changes to their property, some simple design changes could give your rental that feeling of belonging and comfort that you need from your living space. 

Here’s how to add a little bit more of you into your new rental home in the least intrusive way:

Make your rental green

The first step in breathing some life into your new rental home is by incorporating as many plants into the space as possible. Choosing air purifying plants is a great way to generate more oxygen in your living space, bring some colour and life into your home and develop a new routine that revolves around the plants within your new space. 

The addition of plants into a home can help to increase productivity, reduce stress and even boost your mood. 

Find the right textiles

If your new rental home is being rented fully furnished – there might be a chance that some of the items in the house do not quite fit your style and decor taste – and that’s perfectly fine. Textiles can work wonders in giving unflattering furnishings a full makeover – and add great pops of colour too.


For the kitchen: table cloths, chair cushions and tea towels that fit your style could help to elevate the space

For the bathroom: a new shower curtain, fresh towels and laundry baskets could add texture, colour and character to the room

For the living room: throw covers, cushions, blankets and even pouffes could give a living room a whole new vision

For the bedroom: good quality linen, a thick blanket, comfortable pillows, a couple of rugs, curtains and even an extra blanket or two

Display your art collection

If you are an art collector, you know that unique pieces of photography, painting or sculpture alike could give your rental home all the character it needs with one simple frame. Since art is so expressive of character and style, filling your rental home with artistic collections you connect with could help to mark a rental as your own. 

If you’re hesitant to nail frames to the wall; you could always lean your artwork against a wall, creating an element of depth and texture as well as protecting the framework of your rental space. 

Get a rental mascot

Probably the least expensive and possibly the most rewarding addition to your new rental home – a new pet. Dogs and cats might require a whole lot of work, could cause damage and may not even be welcome under your contract. But an aquarium, vivarium or mini-aviary could help to bring some more love and care into your home. 

Pets and plants are great additions to a rental home, not only do they bring life and happiness into a space, they’re also a reminder that you are home and in your own space. 

Spread some light

Lighting is such an important element in space design. Lighting sets the mood, inspires the right environment and brings warmth into an area. Use multiple sources of lighting around the house – standing lights for brighter rooms, candles for a softer feel, possibly even Himalyan salt lamps to help calm a room. 

A well lit room transforms the energy and feeling of a home, finding the right balance might take some playing around, but that’s all part of the fun of decorating. 

Moving into a new rental home is always exciting; there’s so much time for creativity and so much excitement to get the space finished in time for a house warming event with family and friends. As months and years go by, your space will grow and transform with you – introducing exciting new features and design elements that fill your rental home with character. 





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