Add a personal touch to your rental kitchen with these 4 tricks

Renting out an apartment, townhouse or home of character with Vassallo Group Realty is always a great solution to your lodging needs. Not only are all our properties owned by the company for a 0% commission on all bookings, but they are also finished and furnished to the highest of standards because we care about our properties and our lodgers. 


But finding ways to call your new rental house a home is always one of the most exciting parts of moving into a new space. With our 4 hacks and tricks, you’ll be able to customise your home and add some of your character to the spaces you’ll be spending most of your quality time in. 

Here are 4 ways you can add a personal touch to the heart of your home – the kitchen: 

Give your kitchen appliances the limelight 

We’ve designed our kitchen and dining spaces with you in mind! That blank canvas approach that we’ve adopted allows you to add in your touches of style and flair to ensure that your kitchen areas are not only functional, spacious and comfortable but also allow for certain elements of customisation. Your kitchen appliances could be the stars of your kitchen, here’s how:

Introduce colourful appliances like bold kettles, toasters or juices that add a stylish element to an otherwise neutral look. Pick your favourite colour and add colour pops to your kitchen counters that will bring a smile to your face with every morning cup of coffee you pour. Add some colourful teacups to the mix too, that could bring some life to your kitchen too.

VGR Design Tip: keep your colour tones consistent in one space to avoid that overly eccentric look. 2 or 3 pops of colour should be your limit. 

Add patterns with textiles that won’t break the bank

Patterns brighten up a room and add so much character to your living spaces. Whether it’s a tea towel, kitchen cloth or apron, a kitchen blind or curtain or even a patterned tablecloth; the impact will be greatly noted by both you and your visitors, and they’re all easily transportable should you decide to vacate one of our luxury homes. 

When adding patterns, try and keep a common tone running throughout the entire house or apartment. If your space is too busy, you might be inclined to change things up more often, and as fun as that might be, it’s not as sustainable as you’d hope. 

VGR Design Tip: think bold, beautiful and evergreen – trends come and go so make sure you’re adding textiles that will outlive the hype and spark happiness in your life for as long as possible. 

Give your kitchen tools that earthy look

Everyone needs a chopping board, a good set of knives and a few extra kitchen utensils. Our kitchens are fully equipped, but we completely understand that the excitement of renting a new space is adding new bits and bobs to your cooking spaces. 

Why not go the natural route here? A thick marble chopping board is always eye-catching, and natural cooking utensils will look stunning on that countertop – don’t you think? When buying natural products research their durability and check out the product reviews; they might look nicer but do they actually work?


VGR Design Tip: when we mean earthy, we’re talking about natural elements that bring style, an eco approach and sustainability to the table. There’s no right or wrong, just do what you think makes sense!

Nature always adds character… say it with plants

From hanging plants to little windowsill cacti, no matter what sort of green life you bring into your new home, they’re going to add character, charm and a little bit of the outdoors into your home. 

You can also add some character and a personal touch with decorative pots to house your new plant babies. Go terracotta to carry on the natural vibes, add some patterned pots to bring home the flair or go full-on colour for those vibrant pops. Whatever you do, have fun with it.

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