Different Interior Decorating Styles Explained: What’s Your Favourite?

Sometimes we’re attracted to a style, scene, vibe or energy but we can’t decide exactly what style it is. It could be a mixture of different styles all incorporated into one flowing look that brings joy into our lives. But knowing which styles we are more inclined to appreciate could make our path towards redecorating simple and effortlessly stylish.

Here is a breakdown of the most popular interior decor styles that you can incorporate into your rental home:

Keeping things traditional

It’s easy to say that ‘traditional’ is one of the oldest and most common styles of design – an interior approach that holds heritage at the forefront of its work. This style focuses on shapes and forms that consider formality, function and that classic vibe as the focus features of its aesthetic. Traditional interior styles bring a regal and homely feel to a space. 

A little bit of boho never hurt anyone

Boho, or bohemian, is a style that is rooted in natural and organic elements mixed with vibrant colours, not necessarily complementary with each other to create a layered and experienced vibe in a room. A boho room would definitely feature exotic design elements, layered textures of bamboo, cane and even colourful rugs not to mention vibrant and saturated hues that fill every inch of the room. A boho space is meant to be fun and wacky. 

When in doubt go organic

Like boho, the organic look is full of natural textures and textiles – from wood to stone, rattan to linen, burlap to hemp; an organic look is natural to every sense of the word. Unlike boho though, the organic vibe is lacking in vibrant colours and often sticks to the more neutral and natural palettes that you would find in nature. Blacks, brass, chrome and even rusty colour elements are often added to bring the aesthetic out of the monochrome look. 

Nothing beats modern

What makes modern so accessible? Well, we could consider the modern look in our architectural exposure as the contemporary vibe of the 21st century. What we consider modern is defined with clean, long, straight lines that fill a space and give it an almost clinical look. This seamless and polished vibe is enhanced with the shine, gloss and lacquer that often finishes off a piece of furniture in a home. Modern is smooth, clean and spacious. 

Keep it minimal… why not?

People often confuse minimalist design with modern design. And while they do have similar traits in their clean and spacious look, minimalism is not afraid of shapes and stand-out pieces; only if they have a purpose and give the room a sense of depth and tranquillity. Minimalism is based on the mantra that less is more, you won’t find a cluster of decorative items or even unnecessary cushions in a minimalist home. 

Remember there’s no right or wrong when it comes to designing your own space – as long as it makes you happy, it’s great! Which style mentioned above is your favourite, let us know in the comments below! 

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