How to keep flies and mosquitos away this Summer

Summer in Malta is glorious, the sea, the sun, the sand, the BBQs – what’s not to love! Well, if we had to choose one collective thing, we would say the flies and mosquitos – they thrive in the hot weather and find their way into our homes and office spaces without any issue. 

But here at Vassallo Group Realty, we hope to offer you a solution to all your pesky flying critter problems. From natural solutions to instant extermination DIY, you can hope to enjoy your summer to the full extent of its glory. No fly or mosquito will dampen your summer bliss!

Here are our top tips:

Keep your rental spaces clean and clear

It might sound like common sense to say that keeping a clean home or office will dishearten those flying pests from entering your living and working space, but that’s where it all starts. flies and mosquitoes lay their eggs in warm areas that are generally damp and hospitable to their needs – plant pot trays are the perfect spot!

Be sure to drain any excess water from your plant pot trays and make sure that you don’t have any water-seeped crevices that flies and mosquitos can lay their eggs in. Of course avoiding this sometimes is near impossible, but you can also be sure to try out our next solutions to avoid 24/7 bug spray use. 

Get plants that repel flies and mosquitos

Some of your best friends used to repel mosquitoes and flies are plants, but only specific ones will do the trick. Why not plant a bed of lavender by your bedroom or desk? Lavender will keep those annoying flying insects away from you while you try to sleep or work for a full 8hrs. No interruptions welcome. Other plants that could help here include citronella and basil. 

Essential oils are your friends

Apart from the fly and mosquito problems we have in our Maltese summers, we’re also prone to humidity and intense heat – so why not combat these issues with a one-stop solution? An essential oil infused spray bottle. Simply fill a spray bottle with water and a few drops of either clove, lavender, citrus and even pine. Give yourself a little spritz every now and then and you can say goodbye to that irritating buzzing sound circling your ear while you catch up on your social media binge on your lunch break. 

Apart from the obvious choices of bug spray, insect repellent and insect screens, you could also opt for a yearly fumigation that could help keep your home and office critter-free. And we’re not only talking about flies and mosquitos here, no bug welcome, or not, will want to enter your rental if you fumigate yearly. 

Be sure not to use such measures in your garden, there’s no need to upset nature to keep yourself comfortable. So keep those insect screens closed, try out our quick solutions and enjoy your summer bug-free.


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