How to get your Rental Office ready for the Festive Season

The festive season is here and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to bring all the decorations out of storage. Whether you’re going the traditional route with Christmas trees, wreaths and tinsel or taking a more modern approach, sticking to fairy lights and a few stylish ornaments, there’s no reason to miss out on bringing some cheer into your workspace.

With this blog, Vassallo Group Realty will guide you on how to decorate your office in time for the festive season; without any permanent changes to your rental space.

Cheerful Common Areas

What better way to bring some Christmas cheer than with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree? Since all your employees will be in and out of the reception area on a daily basis, this is the best place to set up your tree.

Remember to stick to a theme and hold that style throughout the office so as to create a consistent look that appeals to all your staff. You’ll already have the festive soundtrack in the area, so the vibes will definitely already be there. 

If you’re hosting a Secret Santa within the company, get your staff to place their gifts under the tree and bring more colour and excitement to the area. This family-style feeling could even spread out onto the kitchen and other common areas in the office building. 

A Welcoming Reception Jingle

The reception area is usually every staff member’s first impression of the office and there’s no better way to blind those Monday blues than with a jolly tune to welcome your employees as they head to a busy day at their desks. 

Every reception area can easily be equipped with a sound system, a portable speaker connected to a company phone usually does the trick, so every rental office, big or small can benefit from some background festive tunes to remind us of the approaching time off we’ll be spending with friends and family. 

This tip is a quick and easy solution, and doesn’t need to cost anything at all! The only thing you’ll be spending is additional time at the water cooler, jamming out and singing along to your favourite holiday songs.

Deck your Desk with Bounds of Holly

Your desk is your space and decorating it to your liking is what will make you happy throughout the season of joy! Think about small ornaments to add to your desk, maybe even update your desktop and get yourself a scented candle to really encourage that homely feeling. 

Your working area might be your own, but be mindful of others, their reluctance to the holiday or their cultural differences. Also make sure that your workspace is not a distraction to others and does not overstep the limits of your working area. 

A great way to perk up the festivities is to bring in freshly baked cookies and cakes to the office to show your colleagues that you care. This is the time to spread some love, and there’s no better way to do it than with tasty treats. 


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