Add some Festive Cheer to you Rental Home this Year

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for since you moved into your new rental home! It’s Christmastime and you can decorate your own space just the way you want to. At Vassallo Group, we believe in decking out your living areas exactly the way you want to, whether that means keeping things simple or going all out Santa’s Grotto style, it’s your rental space and you should feel 100% cosy and comfy this festive season. 

Here are some top tips on decorating your rental home without making major changes that might upset your landlord.

Sticking to Christmas Traditions

You might have a whole bunch of festive decorations that were past down to you by your family; and since you’ve moved out of your family home or to a new and improved rental area, putting up these cute little family gems will make you smile as they bring back the warmest childhood memories. 

Stockings and Trinkets

Put up your family trinkets that you’ve moved around from house to house or the stockings you’ve had since you were a child, these little additions will add character and warmth to your rental home. 

Classic Tree Decorations

If you’re lucky enough to have all those cute, old wooden tree decorations your granny left you as a Christmas staple for when you have your own tree, using them in addition to some newer, shinier decorations could make for a very happy balance between traditional and modern.

A Modern Christmas for a Modern Home

Christmastime is not celebrated in all families, so family heirlooms might not be as common as some of us think. So if you’re excited to celebrate the festive season and do it your own way, make it modern with the baubles, tinsel and fairy lights that make your rental feel like home. 

A Blend of Blues 

Blue tones in Christmas were thought to be quite rare, but modern stylings show us that blue decorations can give your tree and the rest of the house a regal and modern flair. Add pops of blue on your tree and pair it with gold accents to fully accentuate the contemporary and upscale look in your modern apartment. 

Recycled Gift Wrapping 

Nothing screams new age than an eco-conscious approach! Recycled gift wrapping is the new thing and with a focus on keeping things minimal, you can achieve a stunning and sustainable choice for all those gifts you’ll be sharing with your loved ones. Plus they’ll really stand out from the rest when you place them under the tree. 

For a Cosy & Comfortable Christmas

The best feeling about the festive season is cuddling up with a good book, a mug of hot cocoa, watching the fire flicker as you gaze around your freshly decorated home. Get that cosy feeling with textiles and aromas that fill your space with cheer. 

A Pop of Festive

Don’t be scared to add some Christmas fun to your everyday decor. You might think it will look tacky, but if you keep it simple and don’t overload the senses, you’ll be able to achieve a classy and cosy look. Think of cushion covers, a thick festive throw over and even some Christmas-themed crockery and cutlery. 

Warm & Comforting

We all want to feel comfortable in the festive season, and while our surroundings need to look nice, we also need to bring the vibe home with some soft jingles playing in the background and a scented candle to help us drift off into full relaxation. Making a big pot of mulled wine is also a great way to give your rental house the festive vibe you’re after!

And once your home is all nicely decorated to your taste and standard, grab a big serving of your mulled wine, find a happy festive movie, get comfy on the couch with a blanket and feel that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Your first Christmas in your new rental space should be special, remember to share it with family and friends and make sure you have a jolly old time! 

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